Kirurgiakliiniku kaitstud doktoritööd

Kirurgiakliinikus kaitstud doktoritööd

Sten Saar

Epidemiology of severe injuries in Estonia
Juhendajad: Peep Talving, Urmas Lepner

Teele Kasepalu 
Effects of remote ischaemic preconditioning on organ damage and acylcarnitines’ metabolism in vascular surgery
Juhendajad: Jaak Kals, Urmas Lepner, Mihkel Zilmer, Joel Starkopf

Ceith Nikkolo
Impact of different mesh parameters on chronic pain and foreign body feeling after open inguinal hernia repair
Juhendaja: Urmas Lepner

Kristo Ausmees
Reproductive function in middle-aged males: Associations with prostate, lifestyle and couple infertility status
Juhendaja: Margus Punab, Reet Mändar

Marju Puurand

Oxidative phosphorylation in different diseases of gastric mucosa
Juhendajad: Enn Seppet, Ants Peetsalu

Jaanus Kahu
Kidney transplantation: Studies on donor risk factors and mycophenolate mofetil
Juhendajad: Ants Peetsalu, Kaija Salmela

Margus Punab

Male fertility and its risk factors in Estonia
Juhendaja: Ants Peetsalu

Margot Peetsalu
Longterm follow-up after vagotomy in duodenal ulcer disease: recurrent ulcer, changes in the function, morphology and Helicobacter pylori colonisation of the gastric mucosa
Juhendaja: Ants Peetsalu

Toomas Sillakivi
Perforated peptic ulcer in Estonia: epidemiology, risk factors and relations with Helicobacter pylori
Juhendajad: Ants Peetsalu, Marika Mikelsaar

Jaan Soplepmann
Peptic ulcer haemorrhage in Estonia: epidemiology, prognostic factors, treatment and outcome
Juhendaja: Ants Peetsalu