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Joseph F Standing - Use of clinical and laboratory data for research and clinical management

Professor Joseph F Standing gives an overview how electronic health records (EHR) have evolved at our institute (Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children) in recent years, and how researchers have used these real world data to study medicines in children. The examples will be mainly drawn from paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology, but the principles are much more widely applicable.

Seminar takes place 30th of June at 14:00

Place: MS Teams.



Doctoral defence: Linda Sõber “Impact of thyroid disease and surgery on patient’s quality of voice and swallowing”

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Tartu Science Night

Tartu Ülikooli teadusteadu on laste haiglahirmu vähendavad hologrammid.

University of Tartu's research award: holograms that help children overcome the fear of hospitals