TÜ Viljandi kultuuriakadeemia

Viljandi Culture Academy

Posti 1
71004 Viljandi linn,
+372 435 5232
Katrin Tambet
Senior Specialist for Formal and Continuing Education
All issues regarding the organisation of studies
+372 435 5231
Maarja Raudvee
Academic Affairs Specialist
Music (Professional Higher Education; block-mode study), Sound and Visual Technology (MA), Teacher of Arts and Technology (MA)
+372 434 5805
Tiia Kampus
Academic Affairs Specialist
General courses, degree courses for continuing education learners
+372 435 5257
Kadri Roht
Academic Affairs Specialist
Community Education and Hobby Activity (Professional Higher Education), Performing Arts (Professional Higher Education) - Choreography
Margit Simenson
Academic Affairs Spetcialist
Performing Arts (Professional Higher Education) - Actor, Visual Technology
+372 435 5246
+372 526 2515
Taivi Mölder
Academic Affairs Spetcialist
Music (Professional Higher Education)
+372 434 5805
Heli Nurme
Specialist in Academic Affairs
Culture Management (Professional Higher Education)
+372 5310 1611
Lembe Rätsep
Academic Affairs Spetcialist
Estonian Native Crafts (Professional Higher Education) - Estonian Native Textile, Creative Applications of Cultural Heritage (MA)
+372 435 5249
Kristi Reili
Academic Affairs Specialist
Estonian Native Craft (Professional Higher Education) - Estonian Native Construction, Estonian Native Metalwork
+372 435 5262
Riin Luks
Programme Director of Community Education and Hobby Activity 0.5 p
MA (Literary Science)
Liana Roos
Coordinator of Science Activities 0.5 p
MA (Adult Education)
Tiiu Tamm
Programme Director, Project Manager 0.5 p
+372 524 6543
Ellu Roosioja
Budget Specialist
MA (Economics and Business Administration)
+372 435 5234
+372 523 7941
Pauliina Perkkiö
International Relations Specialist 0.75 p
MA (Finnish Philology)
+372 5300 2782
Eero Ehala
Specialist in Stage Technology and Prop-Making
+372 5346 5213
Anu Almik
Project and Development Coordinator
+372 5387 4717
Aet Seil
Communication and Marketing Specialist
MA (Marketing)
+372 5348 4306
Krista Tamm
International Relations Specialist (employment contract suspended)
Evelin Lagle-Nõmm
Project Manager (employment contract suspended) 0.75 p
MA (Choreography)
Ave Matsin
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile, Programme Director
MA (Art)
+372 526 2510
Villu Talsi
Lecturer 0.5 p
MA (Traditional Music Performer - Musician)
Marek Talts
Lecturer in Rhythm Music Guitar
MA (Teacher of Arts and Technology)
Anu Sööt
PhD (Educational Science)
+372 520 9424
Kristi Jõeste
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textiles 0.75 p, Programme Director for Creative Applications of Cultural Heritage, Programme Director for Native Crafts
MA (Semiotics and Culture Studies)
+372 520 0340
Christi Kütt
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile 0.75 p
MA (Arts and Cultural Anthropology)
Riina Tomberg
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textiles and Product Development 0.25 p
MA (Arts and Cultural Anthropology)
Astri Kaljus
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile 0.6 p
MA (Native Crafts)
Marko Mägi
Lecturer in Rhythm Music Theory, Programme Director
MA (Teacher of Music)
+372 5635 8103
Madis Rennu
Junior Lecturer in Native Craft 0.75 p
MA (Ethnology)
+372 502 3176
Piret Viirpalu
Junior Lecturer in Art Education Methodology 0.25 p
MA (Pedagogy)
Jorma Sarv
Junior Lecturer in Culture Management 0.5 p, Programme Director for Culture Management
Lennart Peep
Junior Lecturer in Stage Directing 0.75 p
MA (Theatre Research)
Liana Roos
Junior Lecturer in Research Methodology 0.25 p
MA (Adult Education)
Indrek Ikkonen
Junior Lecturer in Jewellery 0.75 p
MA (Creative Applications of Cultural Heritage)
Merle Saarva
Junior Lecturer in Bodywork and Improvisation 0.5 p
MSc (Health Sciences)
Diana Tuulik
Junior Lecturer in Materials Studies 0.5 p
MBA (Service Design and Management)
Anu Rannu
Junior Lecturer in Culture Management 0.5 p
MA (Cultural Management)
Piret Eit
Teacher 0.75 p
MA (Youth Work and Social Equity)
Kadri Tüür
Research Fellow 0.4 p
PhD (Semiotics and Culture Studies)
Juko-Mart Kõlar
Juko-Mart Kõlar
Lecturer in Creative Entrepreneurship and Management (employment contract suspended)
PhD (Management)