Teaching projects of the Institute of Clinical Medicine

The academic staff of the Institute of Clinical Medicine is leading/attending the following teaching projects:

Project's name: Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine

University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine is a project which aims to increase the quality and efficiency of doctoral studies, in cooperation with several universities, through several activities with specific objectives. Organize interdisciplinary courses and conferences, involve lectors from other universities and create a collaborative network in order to integrate and enhance theoretical studies and practical needs. The doctoral school is financed by the European Union Development Foundation.

 Doctoral School webpage

Period: 2016-2023
Contact: Professor Alan Altraja       

Project's name: Developing the simulation centre for training of clinical and practical skills

This is University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA's subproject KLIN-SIM. The aim of the project is to create a modern infrastructure for the training of doctoral, dental and physiotherapy students to acquire and simulate clinical and practical skills. The project is financed by the European Union Development Foundation.

Simulation Centre webpage

Period: 2017-2022
Contact: Associate Professor Tõnis Karki          

Project's name: Hybrid curriculum in patient safety: integration of academic master’s education and continuous professional education in Estonia and in Norway

During the last decades, the interest in patient safety has notably increased in the society, thus, the continuous improvement of competence in patient safety among the health care staff and managers is essential. This project aims to develop the hybrid curriculum of patient safety module integrating academic master’s education and continuous professional education (CPE) in nursing. This kind of integration enables to merge academic and clinical knowledge what is required in implementation and managing patient safety interventions in research and clinical practice. It is achieved by appropriate training of the teaching staff, development of the innovative teaching and learning resources (TLR), and through adding the international dimension by common training and exchange of knowledge and experience between University of Tartu (Estonia) and Nord University (Norway). Moreover, this curriculum and resources will be applicable for the undergraduate training of medical students as well for the CPE of physicians and other health professionals. Therefore, besides the development of new innovative TLRs and exchange of good practices between the project partners, this project will support the integration between higher education and employment. Read more.

Period: 2019-2022
Contact: Senior Research Fellow Kaja Põlluste     

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