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Brain Awareness Week is celebrated in Biomedicum

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As part of Brain Awareness week, visitors of all ages are welcomed to an evening of science at Biomeedikum on Friday, 17th March. At the event, you can see how we image the brain, how we look at energy production in cells, how genetics play a role in addiction and much more.

The organizer of the event, Miriam Hickey, University of Tartu’s Associate Professor of Pharmacology said that at the event, visitors can take part in scientific demonstrations and various exciting workshops. "Come see how we image the brain, how we look at energy production in cells, how genetics play a role in addiction, how neurons communicate and much more. You can also see how we work with scientists from other countries.“

It will be possible to see science demonstrations and and learn about the work of Professor Allan Kaasik’s Laboratory of Mitochondrial Medicine, Professor Anti Kalda’s Laboratory of Pharmacogenetics, and Dr Miriam Hickey’s Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Disease Therapeutics.

Miriam Hickey said that fun scientific games will be played, where visitors can win prizes. „We will have lots of demonstrations, for example, using fluorescence to label cells in the brain and viewing live brain cells. All visitors can meet our faculty and students.“

Miriam Hickey said that for University of Tartu’s scientists it is very important to show the people of Tartu their science. “Our work drives fundamental understanding of cell function and may help address societal issues like addiction and major diseases like Parkinson's disease.  This is the first time that we have invited the people of Tartu to Biomeedikum, and we are very excited to answer questions and to help demystify the brain!”

The evening of science takes place as part of Brain Awareness week. People of all ages are welcomed to the event. It will be on March 17 from 18.00-22.00 at Biomeedikum in Tartu (Ravila 19).

Event is free for everyone! Read also further from here.


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